Naoki Fujihara – Architecture Photographer of the Year on IPA 2018

Naoki Fujihara is an award-winning fine art photographer living in Japan. His works aim at not only expressing the beauty and dynamism of architectures, but he also expresses his values or his life experiences with photography. His photographs were awarded some international photography competitions.







Artist Statement

There are two reasons that I create fine art architectural photography as follows:

1. To express what I experienced or what I think, and to express my perspective on life.

I create my photographs base on my life or my thinking or my perspective. When I put my photography public, I sometimes explain the reasons why I create my photographs with titles and descriptions. I want to propose positive thinking or perspectives with photography.

2. I want to express its beauty or power of architectures.

My main subjects are architectures. Architectures are familiar to lots of people and essential for daily life from a long time ago. And architectures consist of geometric shapes like lines and curves. What’s more, the environment of architectures like clouds, sky or the position balance between architectures make photography unique. And some people feel its beauty or power of architectures. These patterns are universally existing every culture, history, architectural style. Fine art architectural photography has a strong potential to attract sympathy.

These are the reason why I create fine art architectural photography.


Awards and Publications