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This architecture is called Shimane Art Museum, located on the western side of Japan. I have been attracted to its architectural beauty for many years. I took this photograph with a vision. The vision is the continuity of modern times and ancient times. The modern times mean that the beautiful, dynamic and continuous curves of the architecture. And the ancient times mean that the moving clouds. The area of this museum used to be called “Izumo” in Japanese. “Izumo” means clouds. So, clouds are deeply connected with the area. This is the vision and what I want to express in this photograph.        


I took this photograph with a vision. The vision is to express my personal view of life. The roads represent life. The shining part of this road represents life-changing events that make my life bright. I wanted to express the vision of this junction. This is because junctions meet up with roads like I meet up with others. The bridge piers represent people who can support others. When I took this photograph, I wanted to put a big bridge pier on the right side of this photograph. This is because I noticed that these bridge piers are very important in my life. This is the vision and what I want to express in this photograph.        


The architecture in the center of this photograph is called Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower located in Japan. In this photograph, the architecture represents a vital person who can inspire people or give good energies to people. And the light that shines on the dark ground represents good energies given by the person. I have a reason to take this photograph. I wanted to express what I want to be. I have close friends who inspire me. I want to be a vital person who can have a positive effect on others.        

The Path

This architecture is called Tokyo Big Sight located in Tokyo, Japan. I took this photograph with a vision to express a path and one of my goals. I’ve learned lots of things from predecessors to reach my goal. One of the thing that I’ve learned is that establish my goal and shine light into my path by myself to reach my goal. In the middle of the path, I often struggle with difficulties. But these difficulties gives me not only a strong purpose of life and a sense of fulfillment but pushes me to the next level. This is the vision and what I want to express in this photograph.        

Strength in Silence

This architecture is called the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, the longest span bridge in the world located in Japan. When this bridge was constructing, a big earthquake happened. Although its magnitude was 7.3, this bridge was not damaged seriously. When I saw this bridge, I felt that it was not only a large-scale bridge, but also there was a great force of engineers’ will that involved in its construction. In this photograph, I want to express not only the strength of the bridge but also the will of engineers, in contrast with the gentle ocean waves and the moving clouds.        

Strength from Within

This bridge is called the Rainbow Bridge located in Tokyo, Japan. The front of this bridge is a road and a railroad. They are beautifully paved and people can use them safely. On the other hand, the back of this bridge was calculated severely and composed of a variety of components. The back of bridges sometimes allows viewers to feel a kind of its beauty. This way of thinking is the same in humans. The people look so confident is composed of their experiences, thinking, and actions. And their background, in other words, action philosophy allows us to feel their aesthetic. I took and create this photograph to express the previously mentioned.        

The Walls

These architectures are the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly located in Japan. I took this photograph with a vision to express the difficulties that I encounter. This photograph represents my personal view. When I encounter difficulties, I feel the difficulties like these architectures. Some large-scale architectures stand in my way. But I always believe that there aren’t any walls that I can’t overcome. And I think the most important thing is believing myself that overcame lots of difficulties in my past. This is the vision and what I want to express in this photograph.        


This photograph is a night view of Kobe City in Japan. In 1995, a huge earthquake hit this place. Over 6000 people were sacrificed, and lots of buildings and houses were collapsed. But Kobe City was revived and became one of the major night view places in Japan. Geographically, lots of earthquakes occurred in Japan. But people struggled to get up every time earthquakes occurred. This scenery is a result of that many people struggled for rebirth.        

Spiral Growth

This architecture is called Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers located in Japan. I took this photograph with a vision to express a kind of friendly rivalry happening to me. I met lots of top Japanese photographers in May 2018. We keep communicating with each other until now. We talk about fine art photography, post-processing, photography gear, and printing. We help each other and keep a relationship based on friendly rivalry. I have a feeling that this relationship is comfortable and will have a positive effect on me. I wanted to express our relationship with this spiral tower. We inspire each other and grow together like a spiral. This is the vision of this photograph.        


The title of this photography generally means that a mutual understanding based on respect for others. But in this photo, “Dialogue” means that inner dialogues for understanding myself. I think inner dialogues are very important for making myself clear. And it’s also important to live my own life. I always want to feel that I live my own life, I do inner dialogues every time. When I do inner dialogues, I have a feeling like this photography. I express myself as four buildings and express inner dialogues as moving clouds. This is what I want to express in this photography.        


This architecture is the Shoei Building located in Japan. I took this photo with a vision. The vision is to keep me open to an object of shooting. I met lots of top photographers in May 2018. One of the photographers is specialist of snapshot photography. He turns a usual scene into breathtaking photography with his perspective. I was impressed and stimulated his professional skill. This is the photography that I was inspired by him. I have a feeling that we can make a usual scene breathtaking photography with each perspective. This is the vision and what I want to express in this photography.        

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